Meczüp – Hanging from the purgatory´s pendulum (2010)

This music is not pursuant to “conserve”tories’ mentality which describes the music as a composite of compatible sounds. Leaps of anarchist frequencies, a discipline which can not be rehabilitated by metronome’s tick-tocks, a velvet and transcendental touch…
In this record, magnetic field has been confinement in electrical circuits and diversified far beyond the perception by Meczüp.
La música es un camino lleno de experimentación.  Se abren nuevas vías, se explora más allá.
  • Género: Drone/Noise
  • País: Turquía
  • Sello: Ninguno
1. A tale for Lancinant screws
3.Garoun A
4.Puriest morning of all times
5.Blossoming in cementery
6.Shadow-A Parable
7.The Ribald Gennie
8.The Bridge of khazad-düm

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